Document translation and providing interpreter

First Choice Translation

Document translation and providing interpreter

Firstchoice Translation Co., Ltd. is a translation and interpreter center and other services which dedicates ourselves to creating high quality service as standard of work to guarantee your satisfaction as we require being your first choice.

We provide translation and legalization all types of document as well as document legalization service for Department of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other embassies in Thailand

First Choice Translation

Type of translation

Document shall be certified by Notary Public Attorney
Govermental document

Birth Certificate/Household Registration/Identity Card/Passport/Driving License/Certificate of Name – Surname Change Registration/Marriage Certificate/Registration of Family Status/Affirmation of freedom to marry/Registration of Divorce/Death Certificate/Military Certificate No.43/8/9 /Police Notice/Letter of Consent

Business Registration/Company Affidavit/VAT Registration /Shareholders List /Memorandum of Association/Shareholders Prospectus/BOI Certificate/Other Licenses/ Annual Report/ Title Deed/Construction Certificate/Work Providing Certificate/Financial Statement/Accounting Document/Professional Licenses/Educational Certificate/Transcript/Medical Certificate/Police Report

Legal document

Contracts/Rules/Memorandum of Understanding/Power of Attorney/ Governmental Regulations/Plaint-Indictment/Court Judgment/TOR/MOU/ Feasibility of the Project Industrial document Marketing document All research documents Grammar correction

Industrial document

Operating manuals of product-machine /ISO /Working Regulation of Employee

Marketing document

Brochures, leaflets, Flyers , Website, Advertisement

All research document

Research work, abstract, thesis, report, textbook and journals

Medical document

Grammar correction

Grammar correction, proofreading and verifying accuracy of translation

First Choice Translation

Translation Order Methods

1. Sending your original copy for price estimation and the price and duration of translation will be notified customer immediately. Document files will be sent via 2 channels as follow E-mail
Bangkok Branch : [email protected] , 0653948392 , 0611769965
Contact Person : Khun Paradee
Phuket Branch : [email protected] , 086-3669255
Contact person : Khun Patita
or Line

2. If you agree obtain our translation service, 50% of service charges will be paid as deposit before translation, in case of the service charge is less than 1,000 Baht, full amount of service charge will be paid.

3. After completion of translation, the rest 50% of service charges will be notified for payment before delivery of translation work.

4. If there is any revision or correction, the company will conduct revision not less than 2 times within 7 days after receiving such translation work.