Legalization Service

Other than translation service, we still provide legalization service of governmental documents at Legalization Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the correction and completion of document which can be actually utilized.

We are pleased to assist you in providing facilitation, time saving which you do not have to conduct by own.

Types of legalization under Ministerial Regulation are divided into 3 types as follow:

  1. Certification of translation both in Thai and English (Seen at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  2. Certified True Copy
  3. Certified Genuine Signature

Samples of Legalization of Document

Implementation process

    • Documents shall be legalized by the Embassy in Thailand
    • Translated into Thai
    • Certified translation+ Original document at Department of MFA
    • All types of governmental documents
    • Translated into English
    • Certified translation+ Original document at Department of MFA

Document Preparation (Certification of correct translation)

  1. Translated document
  2. Original copy of the document “Manuscript”
  3. Power of Attorney: Download

After legalization process is completed, all document including original copies shall be returned. The Center provides EMS service if client cannot come to receive the documents by own and inspecting delivery status at Tracking Code EMS service is additionally charged 70 Baht. Consular Stamp Service is 400 Baht each, in case of urgency is 800 Baht (service charges are not included)

Translation Order Process

1. Send your original copy for price estimation and we will be notified customer immediately within 30 minute. 2 channels as follow

2. Confirm translation with transfer to saving account payment. In case

3. Show pay in slip after payment with Photo copied through 2 channels is E-mail or Line.

4. If it’s any revision and correction the translated document not over 2 times within 1 week after received translated file

If you require further information of Legalization Service of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.