Legalization service at Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) , Embassy of Thailand

Legalization by Thai MFA and Embassy of Thailand are divided 2 types:

  1. Certified document to applying abroad
  2. Certified document to applying in Thailand ( Foreign Language)

Other than the translation services, we also provide the one-stop service Both of translation and legalization services with the Thai Consular Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the correction and completion of document which can be actually utilized.

Why should you choose us for the legalization service at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Thailand?

  • We are translation center with experience in this service for over 10 years
  • Document can actually be utilized in furtherance
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1 Certification/Legalization of Thai documents to be used abroad

When you have to bring documents abroad, whether applying for a visa, abroad studying, abroad working, etc. The use of official documents is important for our identity verifying and using as evidence that we can legally do that thing when going abroad. The required documents must be entirely as specified by the destination and must be completely certified.

What kind of document can be legalized at Thai MFA and the Embassies in Thailand?

1. Official Document issued by government organizations (with Official Emblem) such as

Civil registrations

Birth Certificate / House Registration / ID Card / Passport / Driving License / Marriage Certificate / Family Registration Certificate / Single Status Certificate / Divorce Certificate / Death Certificate / Sor. Dor. 43 / 8 / 9 / Police Acknowledgement Form / Letter of consent

Business Documents

Commercial Registrations / Certificate of Incorporations / VAT Registration Certificate (Por. Por. 20) / Shareholders List (bor.or.jor 5) / Memorandum of Association / Prospectus / Investment Promotion Certificates / Permits / Annual Reports / Title Deeds / Construction Permits / Recruitment Permits / Financial Statements / Accounting Documents

Legal document

Accusation, Court Judgement, Verdict


The Consular Office provides legalization services only for the official document issued by the government department. If such documents are written by private sectors or any person other than government agencies, the Consular Officer will not accept to legalization document.

But there are some countries that can translate into their language and submit to the document legalization process, see case no.2, such as Spanish, German, Russian, French.

No, the documents in Thai are firstly required to be legalized with the Consular Office. Once duly legalized, the document can be further certified/legalized at the concerning Embassies. Please however note that such documents must only be official documents issued by government department either in Thai or in English only.

But there are some countries that can translate into their language and submit to the document legalization  process, such as Spanish, German, Russian, French.

Legalization Procedure for a document in Thai to be certified/legalized at the concerning Embassy

  • 1Official document in Thai
  • 2Translate into English (with the certified true translation from a Translation Center)
  • 3Legalize at the Consular Department, MFA Thailand
  • 4Bring a certified translation from Thai MoFA to legalized by the embassy.

Some embassies in Thailand (i.e. Spain, Germany, France and Italy) have the following procedure:

  • 1Official document in Thai
  • 2Certified Genuine signature of the original from the Consular Department, MFA Thailand
  • 3Translate into a foreign language (Our service) with the certified correct translation by translators listed as Embassy-approved translators

***Prior to legalizing any document, the customers are required to ask the end-user/organization as to what are their requirements since our translation center shall not be responsible for any cases if the document is duly legalized by the Consular Office***


2 Legalized document in foreign language to be used in Thailand

In case you shall apply foreign languages such a Passport , Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, or any official document , Education Certificate, Transcripts etc. to be use in Thailand it shall corrective process which different from certified document from Thai to be English. You have to know ,which document can apply to legalization process!!!

What kind of document can be legalized at the Consular Department and the Embassies in Thailand, apply for Thailand?

The document must be legalized at the Royal Thai Embassies.

Such a

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Marital Status Certificate , Affidavit, Testimonial and Passport for Marriage Registration
  • Education Certificate


No, the documents in foreign language are required to be legalized with the Embassies of Thailand firstly. Normally the Embassies of Thailand will issue the certification seal in English. Once legalized with the Embassies, the document can be further legalized at the Consular Department, MFA Thailand

Except EMBASSY OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION  ,Can be translate Russian to be English and certified translation by company seal then submit to Russian Embassy of Thailand.

No, the documents in foreign language are firstly legalized with the Embassies of Thailand. Then, the documents are required to be translated by a translation center. Once translated, the document can be further legalized at the Consular Department, MFA Thailand

Implementation process

    • Documents shall be legalized by the Embassy in Thailand
    • Translated into Thai
    • Certified translation+ Original document at Department of MFA
    • All types of governmental documents
    • Translated into English
    • Certified translation+ Original document at Department of MFA

Document Preparation (Certification of correct translation)

  1. Translated document
  2. Original copy of the document “Manuscript”
  3. Power of Attorney: Download

After legalization process is completed, all document including original copies shall be returned. The Center provides EMS service if client cannot come to receive the documents by own and inspecting delivery status at Tracking Code EMS service is additionally charged 70 Baht. Consular Stamp Service is 400 Baht each, in case of urgency is 800 Baht (service charges are not included)

Translation Order Process

1. Send your original copy for price estimation and we will be notified customer immediately within 30 minute. 2 channels as follow

2. Confirm translation with transfer to saving account payment. In case

3. Show pay in slip after payment with Photo copied through 2 channels is E-mail or Line.

4. If it’s any revision and correction the translated document not over 2 times within 1 week after received translated file

If you require further information of Legalization Service of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.