Thai Official document

Due to Official document Price are different of type document, therefor we can provided the translation price only some Thai official document and another type of document need to send for quote price before translating process.

**Customer shall be informed the timeframe (your requirement) with your document file for quote price**

Translation price of Thai Official Document

Document typesThai—English
Thai Birth-Death Certificate450
Letter of Birth Certificate TR 20/1550
Thai Single Certificate550-600
Thai Single Certificate450/500
Marriage/Divorce Certificate450
Letter of Consent500-550
Family Certificate450
Name-Surname Changed Certificate /Tabian Baan450
Thai ID Card/Thai Diving License400
Proving residence Certificate of Thailand500
Civil registration14/1450
Criminal Record template600
Police report500-600
Title of Deed500-600
Court Judgement550-900
Letter of Certificate450
Company’s Objective500-550
Shareholder List450
Commercial Certificate Phor Phor 0403, 0401450
Tourist License580
Buy-Sell Land Contract by Land Office of Thailand600-650
General Agreement, MOU, Power of AttorneyEstimate from your document
**Another document shall be estimate price first**

Translation price (CNI, Material Status Certificate, Single Certificate, Material Certificates, Passport)

Document typesEnglish–Thai
UK / USA /Canada Single Certificate, Passport550,550
Russian Single Certificate and Passport600,550
Philippine Single Certificate and Passport550-600,550
Malaysian Single Certificate and Passport650,550
Serbian/ Ukraine Single Certificate850-1,000 ,550
USA / UK Marriage Certificate550-600
**Another document shall be estimate price first**
These price is excluding express fee, Some document couldn’t do urgently case.
Express fee250
Copied certified translation100

Document Authorized by yours Embassy

Legalization process services fee

Service fee/ Application/Person
Processing fee at Thai MFA2,000-3,000
Processing fee at Embassy of Thailand4,000

Excluding: Stamp fee from Thai MFA ,

  • Shipping fee 70 Baht
  • and 7% VAT for customer require TAX INVOICE

Note: Although document more than 1 Item customer get service fee per Application

Consular fee

Baht/ Stamp/ Set
MFA Stamp fee400-600
Embassy Stamp feeDepend on them request

Notarial Document Services Fee

Notarial typesBaht/ Stamp/page
Notarial document of Certified True Copy1,500
Notarial document of Certified Signature1,500
Notarial Document of Certified translator of translation document ( Excluding Translation fee)2,000

Step translation process:

  1. Attach your document and give your correct name in English/Thai as appear in document/ your address – cellphone contact for shipping
  2. After confirming translation with payment, Please show deposit the pay-in-slip …………….Baht
  3. Translation deadline is ………….working days after got payment. (Office hour: Mon-Fri: 9.30-16.30 hrs)
  4. Sending the draft translation file for customer check before certified translation
  5. Show the balance payment …………..Baht
  6. Issue certified translation by company seal, scanned translated file to your mail
  7. Send to your address by post.

Information: In case customer submitted to MFA by-self, If you have any revise from Thai MFA. You can send the photo-copied to us revise until complete document, No revised charge except shipping fee is 70 Baht/times on yours.

Step translation & Legalization by First Choice Translation LTD.

We received your document, please follow the process and updated status

  1. Send your original document as your requirement to our office
  2. Estimate price/ timeline for your quotation
  3. Customer accepts that price and confirms your document.
  4. Deposit payment before work process: Translation & Legalization by Thai MFA (………………Baht)
  5. Start process …………………………… translation ………. working days then Legalization by MFA 7 -14 business day
  6. Send the scanned file to the customer’s mail
  7. Show the balance payment …………..Baht
  8. Finally sending the document by post.

How to estimate timeframe

Volume pageTimeline (Day)
1-5 page3 days
5-10 page4-5 days
10-20 page7-10 days
20 pages up15 day up


  1. Font sizes are Angsana new 16 or Codia new 16/ A4 or 250-300 words/A4
  2. The above price is subject to change which is relied on each original content
  3. The price is excluded TAX

How to use our service

1.Send your document for quote price 2 channels are

**Price and timeline are different of each document type**

2.Confirmation with transfer service fee to account

  • เลขที่บัญชี
    สาขาลาดพร้าว 101
    บจ. เฟิสท์ชอยซ์ทรานสเลชัน

  • เลขที่บัญชี
    สาขาบิ๊กซี สะพานควาย
    บจ. เฟิสท์ชอยซ์ทรานสเลชัน

  • เลขที่บัญชี
    สาขาบิ๊กซี สะพานควาย
    บจ. เฟิสท์ชอยซ์ทรานสเลชัน

3.Show the payment slip are 2 channels

4.How to received your document

  • Received your document at our office
  • Send by EMS post , More charge 70 Baht
  • Messenger Service fee which depends on your destination, pay direct to messenger.