Notary Public Attorney Service

First Choice Translation Co., Ltd. provides consultation and service of Notary Public, Certification of Document, Certification of Signature, Certification of Person, Directors of Juristic Person, private companies, certification of translation as well as business and investment documents by highly experienced attorney as Certification of Document is provided both internal and external organization all across the country.

Type of notarial document services

  1. Legalization of document which is enforceable in one country to be utilized in the other country.
  2. Legalization of Affidavit of Support / Sponsor Notarization
  3. Certification of True Copy
  4. Statement Notarization
  5. Certification of True Translation
  6. Certification of Signature, Person, Directors of Juristic Person, Company Limited, Public Company Limited (Signature Notarization and Legalization)
  7. Certification of Marine Protest Notary Public
  8. Certification of Document existence
  9. Certification of Applicant Declaration
  10. Certification of Declaration Notary Public
  11. Parent Letter of Consent as defined by laws

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Certification of document sample

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