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First Choice Translation Co., Ltd. provides Notarial Services Attorney who registered with Thai Lawyer Council as a Notarial Services Attorney qualified to certify the signature and documents pursuant to the Regulation of the Lawyers Council on Registration of Notarial Services Attorney B.E. 2551.

Which it covers the certification of signature on important documents for individuals, juristic persons or private entities, help the document to be complete, neat, correctness, and received legalization of translation.

Notary Public is Notarial Services Attorney who registered with Thai Lawyer Council as a Notarial Services Attorney qualified to certify the signature and documents, help important documents to be utilized in submitting to government agencies or to use for transacting in abroad such as banking transactions or study overseas legally according to international law

Notary Public Certification 2024

Notary Attorney Services

First Choice Translation Co., Ltd. provides document translation service in international languages, legalization of documents by the Consulates and Embassies, by Notarial Services Attorney and by experts. Also providing consultation and services on legal knowledge, certify signature, individuals, directors, juristic persons, private entities, and translations. As well as business and investment documents by attorney and experienced experts.

Why choose Notary Public with us?

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Qualified to certify the signature and documents

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Trust with long our service

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Speed within 1-2 hours

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High-Quality by professional more than 13 years

First Choice Translation Co., Ltd. is ready to give consult and services for document notarization by Attorney who licensed by the Thai Lawyer Council, registered as a Notarial Services Attorney qualified to certify signatures and documents. In addition, we also provide services for legalization by the Consulates, Embassies in Thailand and providing translation services for all types of documents by experts in document translation, fast, accurate which it will help facilitates and reduces the hassle of document preparation. We provide one stop services that you can bring to use documents both domestically and internationally.

Type of Notary Services

1 To certify the document for use in other countries.
2 To certify documents required for study application in overseas, such as affidavit of support or sponsor notarization.
3 Certified True Copy.
4 Statement Notarization
5 Certified Corrective Translation.
6 Certified Signature Notarization and Legalization
7 Consent letter from the guardian as prescribed by law

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Why the applicant needs Notarial Services Attorney ?

Because the applicant is in Thailand and needs to conduct transactions in abroad to verify person, documents, and signature for support banking transactions such as opening bank account, depositing and withdrawing money, etc., studying abroad, applying for visa, company registration abroad, authorizing various actions for…… (transactions in abroad which indicate that must be done by Notarial Services Attorney pursuant to the Regulation of the Lawyers Council on Registration of Notarial Services Attorney B.E. 2551 or “Notary Public by Attorney”

Most applicants rather confuse the procedure between document legalized by the Embassy and document notarized by attorneys, see the differences between the Consular legalization, and Notarial Services Attorney,

Therefore, the applicant needs to know where the document will be used, and use for any purpose, please inquire about the destination clearly before using the service. Because some cases need Notary Public by the Embassy only, but some cases need signature certification both by the Embassy, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and by the Notarial Services Attorney.

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Notary Service providers’ code of ethics


Service with Honest and Fair

Performing duties with honesty and impartially by providing document certification services with honesty and fairness, as well as not thinking only about your own benefits, which is against the rules.

Protect Privacy

Notary must respect and protect privacy, undisclosed your customer’s personal information with others.

Professional Responsibility

Behave professionally. Treat all customers with respect and gentleness, regardless of their background or current situation.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Follow the rules of all applicable laws, regulations, and guidelines regarding notarization in jurisdiction.

Detailed Document Check

Inspection of all documents to ensure completeness, in order to ensure that the document is completed or not and that it is processed correctly and meets the requirements of users, including identity verification. Explain the significance or impact for those who sign or give oaths.

Work Immediately

Performing assigned tasks promptly and performing duties to legal requirements.

Notary Service

Notary Service by registered notarizing will let you use the document in various government offices or submit it in overseas. The notary service will make the document official and validate the information on it, including the signature, is correct and not counterfeit. The document can then be used with government agencies or sent to the embassy as required by law.

Which document needs Notary Public?

Documents can be certified notary services such a

1 Certification Type
  • Certified signature
  • Certified true copy
  • Passport
2 Certification Type
  • Certified true copy
Edivence to confirm residence in Thailand
  • Proving Address to confirm residence in Thailand
  • Water bills receipts
  • Electricity bills receipts
  • Telephone bills
  • Credit card bills
document notary โนตารี
3 Certification Type
  • Certified true copy
Financial Evidence
  • Financial statement
  • Certificate of Deposit
ข้อ 4
4 Certification Type
  • Certified true copy
Educational History
  • Educational resume,
  • Work resume,
  • Education certificate
  • Others
กงสุล รับแปลใบประกาศนียบัตร Diploma Certificate รับแปลผลการเรียน Transcript 1
5 Certification Type
  • Certified signature
Applications of various countries
  • Study applications,
  • Identity affirmation of person and witnesses
ข้อ 6
6 Certification Type
  • Certified signature
Translated Documents
  • Document is translated from one original language to another language
Apply for use
  • Certified the authentic translator of translated document,

Note: Lawyer assumes no responsible for the content of the original document prepared by the applicant.

7 Certification Type
  • Certified signature
Other case
  • Power of Attorney
  • Company Establish
  • Company Affidavit
  • Business Documents


Note: :Thai people who need verify their signatures for conducting transactions in abroad and various Embassies which some of them need to certified both the Embassy and attorney.

Notary Public Service Rate

Notary Service PriceAsk Our service staff before using services
Certified Signature
  • 2,000-3,500 Baht/ Stamp/Signature
    excluding Translation service fee, excluding VAT 7%
Certified Translation by Translator
  • 2,000-2,500 Baht/ Stamp/ Signature
    excluding Translation service fee, excluding VAT 7%
  • 1 -2 hours excluding translation time


In case : Notary service with translation, please ask our Admin before using services

Sample of Notary Attorney Services


document โนตารี 1
document โนตารี 2
document โนตารี 3
document โนตารี 4
document โนตารี 5
document โนตารี 6

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1. Check document / Estimate price and Timeline

2. Confirm with service payment

3. Send draft translation check the corrective of the name before certified translation

4. Issue certified translation and delivery

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Account Name: First Choice Translation Co., Ltd.

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Note: In the case of service fee of 25,000 baht, deposit 70% before starting work, in case of company name. The above service fee is excluded VAT 7%.

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