Nakhon Pathom Translation

Nakhon Pathom Translation

Translation service is provided all across areas in Nakhon Pathom Province such as Mueang Nakhon Pathom , Bang Len, Don Tum, Kamphaeng Saen, Phutthamonthon and Nakhon Chai Si

Document Translation and Legalization in Nakhon Pathom

First Choice Translation Co.,Ltd. is pleased to provide translation service in Nakhon Pathom Province, Mueang Nakhon Pathom, Bang Len, Don Tum, Kamphaeng Saen, Phutthamonthon and Nakhon Chai Si.  We provide translation service for all languages as well as providing full package of Legalization Service of Department of Consular Affairs and other embassies in Thailand with quick, punctual and precise service which can be used immediately by highly experienced translators. Our translation service is recognized and accepted by leading companies all across the country, we therefore are pleased to provide consultation. If you require additional information, please contact First Choice Translation Co.,Ltd.

Moreover, we still provide translation service in Nakhon Pathom Province likewise as client can contact the Company conveniently where ever you are by sending document via LINE or E-mail in order to estimate price firstly and client can receive document in return rapidly.

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High-Quality, fast and corrective translation services to every customer, can be trust and able to apply your application.

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We are attentive to quality of translation to be delivered, screening details of translation of highly experienced translator who is native speaker of each language


Our Inspection Section will inspect the accuracy of translation before delivery to customer


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1. Sending your original copy for price estimation and we will be notified customer immediately within 30 minute. 2 channels as follow

2. Confirm translation with transfer to saving account payment.

3. Show pay in slip after payment with Photo copied through 2 channels ,
E-mail or Line

4. If it’s any revision and correction the translated document not over 2 times within 1 week after received translated document.

Nakhon Pathom Province

Document Translation Service in Nakhon Pathom
Thung Bua Daeng Floating Market

Thung Bua Daeng Floating Market is the most popular photo spot in Nakhon Pathom Province which is natural attraction market where tourists can relax with friends, life partner, and family as tourists can see red lotus all year round. Most importantly, red lotus of Thung Bua Daeng at Bang Len, Nakhon Pathom Province, are in full bloom all day whenever you come to visit this place. There are many food stalls selling both savory food and dessert for selection as well as providing boat riding service to see red lotus closely in order to take selfie with red lotus and there are many interesting photo spots in the market in order to take photograph in different shooting angles. This floating market is different from other general floating markets which are old fashioned floating markets as it is new trendy floating market with the concept of red lotus field is near Bangkok, therefore, this floating market has been invented as tasting place, delicious food shopping place from various communities and eating place in beautiful view of red lotus field.

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