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Nonthaburi Translation Service/ Document Translation and Legalization in Nonthaburi, Bang Kruai, Bang Yai, Bang Bua Thong And Pak Kret

Document translation service in Nonthaburi

First Choice Translation Co.,Ltd. is pleased to provide translation service in Nonthaburi Province, Mueang Nonthaburi, Bang Kruai, Bang Yai, Bang Bua Thong And Pak Kret. We provide translation service for all languages as well as providing full package of Legalization Service of Department of Consular Affairs and other embassies in Thailand with quick, punctual and precise service which can be used immediately by highly experienced translators. Our translation service is recognized and accepted by leading companies all across the country, we therefore are pleased to provide consultation. If you require additional information, please contact First Choice Translation Co.,Ltd.

Translation service Nonthaburi and Document legalization service for all Embassies of Thailand. Moreover, legalization services are provided for all types of documents including Legalization Service of the Department of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and other embassies in Thailand.

In case customer looking for marriage registration with Thai or foreigner together in Thailand, we also are providing translation and legalization services for marriage registration and work, Study VISA apply for use. Translation Document service such a

  • Single certificate,
  • Non-married Certificate or
  • Marital Status Certificate or
  • Certificate of No Impediment so on..
  • Affidavit

Translation service and Legalization ; Nonthaburi and every area.

First Choice Translation Center is recognized by those desiring translation services Nonthaburi Province, Mueang Nonthaburi, Bang Kruai, Bang Yai, Bang Bua Thong And Pak Kret in the government sector, the private sector, and by a number of well-known private companies for its faster and more precise expertise. For the past 13 years, we have been confident in providing accurate service to both corporate and individual customers.

We are pleased to provide consultation to any contacted client where ever you are as you can send document via Line or E-mail for appraisal and the document shall be returned to client shortly. In customer don’t convenience legalized by Thai MFA or Embassies byself, Do not hesitate to contact us to authorized to you….

Nonthaburi Document Translation

With more than 13 years of experience, you can rely on our service.

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High-Quality, fast and corrective translation services to every customer, can be trust and able to apply your application.

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High- Quality by Professional more than 13 years

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Delivery on time!!!

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Certified Translation can be apply for your application

Translation service in Mueang Nontha Buri, Bang Kruai and Bang Yai

Document translation service at Mueang Nontha Buri, Bang Kruai, Bang Yai, Bang Bua Thong, Sai Noi, Pak Kret and all areas in Nontha Buri are provided

    • Translation service and integrated legalization service for all consuls and embassies in Thailand.
    • Marriage registration Service in Thailand
    • Notarial Service by Thai Lawyer
    • Certified translation by Professional Translator license the Justice of Ministry
    • Thai Criminal Certificate Services
    • Family Registration Service ( Kor or.22)

Translation services provide more than 30 languages

with certified translation in every your requirement & legalization service in Thailand

































1. Check document / Estimate price and Timeline

2. Confirm with service payment

3. Send draft translation check the corrective of the name before certified translation

4. Issue certified translation and delivery

Remark: This price is excluding 7% VAT and 3% withholding Tax

Sample Document Translation & Legalization Service


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document 2
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document 5
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Notary document service by Thai Lawyer

Notarial document in every requirement

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Certified translation by Specialist

Apply government procurement for auction

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Thai criminal certificate services

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Thai marriage registration with foreigner

Marriage registration full services



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