Trang Translation

Trang Translation

Translation service is provided all across areas in Trang Province such as Mueang Trang, Huai Yot, Kantang, Palian and Yan Ta Khao.

Document Translation and Legalization in Trang

First Choice Translation Co.,Ltd. is pleased to provide translation service in Trang Province, Mueang Trang, Huai Yot, Kantang, Palian and Yan Ta Khao.  We provide translation service for all languages as well as providing full package of Legalization Service of Department of Consular Affairs and other embassies in Thailand with quick, punctual and precise service which can be used immediately by highly experienced translators. Our translation service is recognized and accepted by leading companies all across the country, we therefore are pleased to provide consultation. If you require additional information, please contact First Choice Translation Co.,Ltd.

Moreover, we still provide translation service in Trang Province likewise as client can contact the Company conveniently where ever you are by sending document via LINE or E-mail in order to estimate price firstly and client can receive document in return rapidly.

Why choose our translation service in Trang

High-Quality, fast and corrective translation services to every customer, can be trust and able to apply your application.

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We are attentive to quality of translation to be delivered, screening details of translation of highly experienced translator who is native speaker of each language


Our Inspection Section will inspect the accuracy of translation before delivery to customer


Fast Delivery in your time


1. Sending your original copy for price estimation and we will be notified customer immediately within 30 minute. 2 channels as follow

2. Confirm translation with transfer to saving account payment.

3. Show pay in slip after payment with Photo copied through 2 channels ,
E-mail or Line

4. If it’s any revision and correction the translated document not over 2 times within 1 week after received translated document.


Koh Muk, Emerald Cave, Trang

It is not only the interest tourist attraction but Koh Muk is also the most prominent location in Trang Sea where is located at Koh Libong Sub-district, Kantang District, Trang Province. At the cliff of Koh Muk where Emerald Cave or it is called as Water Cave, it is a strange cave as the mouth cave is a small hold, entry-exit is made by floating with the head above water through 80-meter water tunnel under the dark cave along the maze of watercourse until reaching the inner cave where white sand beach is hidden in the oceanic island with green forest with light cavity from the upper part and the most amazing part is the mouth cave where the sea water is emerald green. It is deemed as Do Not Miss place for any tourist who travels to Trang Province.

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