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Looking for a reliable Notary Public Service?

If you frequently deal with legal documents, you may be familiar with Notary Public. This is a crucial type of certification that must be obtained before any other signatures can be added to the document. Certifying a notary signature on documents is a task that requires a certain level of qualification. It is not something that can be done by just anyone.

The process of certifying a notary signature involves verifying the identity of the notary and ensuring that the signature on the document is authentic. This is a crucial process that helps to ensure the validity and authenticity of legal documents. Therefore, it is essential that only qualified individuals are entrusted with this responsibility. Our article will define what is notary signature certification and Where can it be certified?

1. What is a notary signature certification?

Notary signature certification or Notary Public is the notarization of a document performed by a person with the authority to certify the signature, allowing the important document to be legally used. Anyone wishing to certify the signature must contact a lawyer who certifies signatures and must be a lawyer licensed by the Lawyers Council of Thailand to certify signatures and documents. As a result, the document will be trustworthy and useful.

2. Why should a notary’s signature be certified?

Notary signature certification is one method of ensuring that our documents are correct and that the documentary evidence is genuine. The document will be more reliable if notaries are certified. Once the document has been certified with the notary’s signature, it can be submitted to government agencies or submitted overseas.

3. What documents must I have notarized?

Documents that must be notarized before they can be used are associated with agencies such as the government and private sectors. It is also a document relating to facts, submission, testimony, and document validation.

Documents that must be notarized include the following:
• For international enforcement purpose;
• For study abroad application purpose;
• For certified the copies of documents purpose;
• For certifying the translation of financial status;
• For certifying Translation and document translation purpose;
• For certifying signature, individual testimonials, director of juristic person, limited company, and Public Company;
• For testimonials of facts purpose;
• For certifying existence of the document purpose;
• For Oath Certification purpose;

Before these documents can be considered complete and legitimate, then they must be certified. After we have taken the document to the notary certification, we will be able to use it with confidence, knowing that there will be no problems later.

4. Qualifications of a notary to certify a notarial document

An attorney who can certify a notary must be a notary with the appropriate requirements, such as being a special attorney licensed in notary field, having a signature certification, and being able to testify under oath. They must obtain a license from the Thai Lawyers Council and complete the training required by the Lawyers Council only.

5. Notary Certification Services in Thailand by First Choice Translation Services

Notary Certification by First Choice Translation; we are offering consulting and notary services for those interested in certifying their signature. Experienced notary officers are available to provide notary certification, making the process more convenient and faster. This includes the notarization of signatures on important documents for individuals, juristic persons, or private entities, ensuring that documents are comprehensible.

With over ten years of experience, First Choice Translation provides translation services for all types of documents in Thai, English, and more than 30 other languages around the world. We also offer legalization with consular affairs and certified correct translation, notary certification, and certification by a judicial expert that are all practical and usable.

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