Step to make yellow book in Thailand

Step to make yellow book in Thailand

When foreigners living in Thailand have difficulties in conducting business or legal activities, it is preferable to obtain a yellow house registration, which can be used as proof of the individual’s status and presence in Thailand. It can also be used as evidence to request a work permit or to conduct any other transaction in Thailand, including requesting numerous benefits under the law without the need for as many documents as before.

1. What is a Yellow House registration?

Yellow House Registration is a house registration for foreigners who come to Thailand on a special basis or for temporary residence under immigration law.

This type of house registration, which appears in the yellow book, is also known as Civil Registration (Thor.Ror.13), or another type of house registration for foreigners who lawfully or temporarily live in a country.  This serves as proof to demonstrate the individual’s status and clear residency in Thailand.

Foreigners with a yellow house registration are not required to have Thai nationality, and they will be temporarily resident in Thailand and allowed to dwell in Thailand under certain circumstances under immigration law.

2. Differences between general and yellow book registration.

The difference between general house registration (blue book) and yellow book registration (Thor.Ror.13) is not quite the same. Although it is intended to serve as evidence that a person’s status and residency in Thailand are the same, there are several differences as follows:

General House Registration (Blue Book)

General House Registration (Blue Book)

  • Category: House Registration for Thai Nationals
  • Appearance: Blue Hardcover Book
  • Qualifications of those listed in the register: Thai nationality
  • Duration and stay: It is not necessary to reside in Thailand as the main source.
Yellow Book Registration (Thor.Ror.13)

Yellow Book Registration (Thor.Ror.13)

  • Type: House registration for foreigners who are allowed to live in Thailand temporarily or have been granted a waiver to live in the Kingdom in special cases according to the immigration law.
  • Appearance: Yellow hardcover book
  • Eligibility: Non-Thai nationals
  • Duration and Residence: Live in Thailand for the legal period and must reside in Thailand as the main source.

You should be aware that the individual applying for Yellow Book House Registration must be a foreigner (without Thai nationality), married to a Thai national, or the owner of real estate.

3. What documents are required to register a yellow house?

It is advisable to prepare documents ahead of time, both original documents and documents that have been translated into Thai and certified documents, for the convenience of submitting documents for the Yellow Book House Registration. The documents to prepare before registering a yellow house are as follows.

Documents of the owner of the house or the owner of the house registration

  1. identification card
  2. House Registration

Foreigners’ Documents In case of marriage with a spouse of Thai nationality

  1. Original passport
  2. Copy of passport
  3. Notice of residence for foreigners issued by the Immigration Bureau
  4. Work permit in Thailand (in case of working in Thailand)
  5. Marriage registration or Family Status Registration (Khor.Ror.22) (if any) In case of marriage registration from abroad Procedure
  6. Original ID card of spouse
  7. Birth certificate (in case of having children)
  8. 2-inch photo  Total 5 images
  9. Copy of Thai house registration where to be notified to allow the foreigner to enter the name
  10. 2 Personal witnesses and their Identification cards (The witness should be someone known.)

Note: Foreigners and spouses must be in the same house registration.

Marriage certificate translation

Documents for foreigners in case of real estate ownership

  1. Original passport
  2. Copy of passport
  3. Notice of residence for foreigners issued by the Immigration Bureau
  4. Work permit in Thailand (in case of working in Thailand)
  5. Thor.Ror14 Thai Version
  6. Letter of Ownership and Purchase Agreement Aor.Chor.23
  7. 2-inch photo  Total 5 images
  8. 2 Personal witnesses and their Identification cards (The witness should be someone known.)
  9. Other documents such as driver’s license, educational background, green card
  10. Photos of the front of the house to show the house number and in the room or in the actual residential house.

4. How to Register a Yellow House

The procedure to obtain a yellow house registration or apply for a house registration (Thor.Ror.13) for foreigners in Thailand is as follows:

  1. Prepare additional evidence for the request.
  2. Submit a notification to the district office to register the name in-house registration.
  3. Complete the application for house registration or request Thor.Ror. 13.
  4. Submit all supporting documents to the Registrar.
  5. Schedule an interview with the host, the applicant (foreigner), and two witnesses. 
  6. The officer issued the Yellow House Registration book (Thor.Ror.13).
  7. Schedule an appointment to receive the house registration book.

In the process of issuing a yellow house registration, the majority of processing times take between 15 to 30 working days, depending on the line in each area.

Marriage certificate translation

Documents for applying for Yellow House Registration

Foreigners’ documents must be translated into Thai and legalized by Consular Affairs before they may apply for a yellow house registration. If the document has not been translated and legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it will be ruled void and invalid under Thai law, even if it is genuine.

5. Procedure for Legalizing the Translation of a Marriage Certificate from Overseas

5.1 Marriage certificate and validated passport from Thailand’s embassy in the country of origin.

This procedure is identical to applying for a single certificate to register a marriage at the embassy.

Before submitting a request to register a family, you must present your spouse’s marriage certificate to the embassy of your spouse’s country of origin in Thailand and get a document certification validating its validity.

5.2 Translated the document into Thai and certified by the Translation Center.

When you present your document to the embassy to be certified, it means that it has been certified in English. The document should then be translated into Thai before being legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Thailand. Such documents must be signed and certified by a registered translator of the Embassy.

document translation

5.3 Legalization by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand

Upon receipt of documents translated from English to Thai. To seek legalization, you must submit the translation and then submit it to the  Department of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand.

At this point, for ease of operation, you can use the translation center to obtain the legalization service, as well as our First Choice Translation Center, which provides translation services along with the legalization service, reducing your time and operational errors.


5.4 Bring every document for applying for family status registration (Khor.Ror.22).

Finally, once you have obtained a legalization service from the Department of Consular Affairs, you can present those documents to the officer at the district office where you want to register for the family registration of Khor.Ror.22 right away.

If your spouse is a foreigner, you have to provide an interpreter to translate and act as a mediator for both parties’ communication in order to achieve a proper mutual understanding.

6. How to Select a Reliable Translation Center to Register a Yellow Book House

The first step in selecting a reliable translation center is to look for a translation center that provides comprehensive services such as document translation, translation certification, and legalization services from the Department of Consular Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where you can see our work and experiences with our services, as well as be aware of the work quality and duration of document use.

First Choice Translation Center, Translation Center, we offer complete services and provide translation services in 30 languages all over the world with our skilled and legally licensed translators. We have been providing services for over 13 years and are ready to assist you by handling all comprehensive steps to progress and manage your documents in a more efficient and timely manner.

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