Spanish Translation Where is the Spanish

Spanish Translation Where is the Spanish embassy document certified?

When you have a need to contact foreign authorities There are grounds for submitting proof of identity verification abroad. Of course, documents issued by the Thai government need to be translated and authenticated. Therefore, it can be submitted to the agency.

Translation of documents for submission to the embassy always required one thing to remember is that the translator must be accredited by the embassy. There are also many concerns in the process of obtaining certification. Entering the translation process and submitting for certification from the embassy again.

By the time each document goes through the process, it can be a waste of your energy.
Is it worth it to choose a translation service with a translation center that has a translation team certified by the embassy and offers additional services to make it more convenient to submit documents? It can be said that the service is used as a one-stop service, ending all the legalized services. It is an investment that is not only worthwhile but also helps us to save a lot of time.

1. Why use Spanish translation service?

Of course, Spanish translation is required for filing documents in Spain. Contact Spanish authorities or apply for a visa for study and work. It can be used to verify identity or even use as a supporting

document for transactions, Marriage registration, and birth notification in Spain, all documents need to be translated and legalized by the Spanish Embassy before they can be used. To legalize the document and to confirm that the document is credible and that it is not forged.

In addition, the Spanish translation service is available through the translation center. It is also another way to reduce the process of submitting your document, Increase the convenience and speed of receiving documents for use because most translation centers do not only accept Spanish translation.

There is also an additional service to help submit the legalized documents and can also give advice on the process of submitting documents for those who wish to apply for the legalization by yourself.

2. What Thai official documents must be legalized by the Spanish Embassy?

All Thai documents with the Garuda seal must be legalized by the consular translation and Ministry of Foreign Affairs before bringing it to legalize with the Spanish Embassy which is the final step to use the document either in Spain or any Spanish agencies to confirm and authenticate the document. If the document is not approved by the Spanish embassy, then the document cannot be submitted for any work within Spain. What are the documents issued by the Thai government that must be translated into Spanish Translation Center First Choice Translation has gathered for you all required documents here.

2.1 General civil registration documents

• Birth certificate translation
• Birth certificate
• Death certificate
• House Registration Yellow Book House Registration
• Civil Registration
• Thai ID Card
• Alien Card
• Driver’s license
• Name Change Certificate
• passport
• Title name or middle name certificate

2.2 Marriage Certificate, Divorce Registration

• Single status certification marital status certification
• Marriage Registration
• Family Register
• Divorce Registration
• Divorce certificate
• Certificate of Conduct

2.3 Official documents for visa application

• Child consent letter, Letter of consent for children travelling abroad
• Child legitimacy Certificate
• Certificates & Transcripts
• Work permit
• Medical certificate
• SorDor.8 (Reserve Military Service Certificate)
• SorDor.43 (Military Service Certificate)
• SorDor.8 35 (Summons for Military Service)
• Licenses such as Thai massage certificate, medical license, teacher professional license ,Professional Architect License
• Criminal Certificate
• Water and electricity bill

2.4 Trade and investment documents

• Commercial Registration Phor.Khor. 0403
• Commercial Registration Phor.Khor. 0401
• Company Certificate
• Shareholder’s list (BorJorJor. 5)
• VAT certificate
• Memorandum of Association
• PND.90/91
• PND 51
• BOI Certificate
• Permits such as tourist licenses, construction permits, foreign business licenses, liquor sales licenses, business licenses.

2.5 Legal documents

• Indictment
• Court decision
• Regulations
• Memorandum of Agreement
• Power of Attorney
• Government Regulations
• Documents used to file a court case
• Contracts

2.6 Additional documents

• Title deed
• Translation of police reports and daily reports

3. How to receive translation services

Many people here are still worried about whether the service process will be cumbersome or time-consuming. Today, First Choice Translation has simplified the process of receiving Spanish translation services and applying for a legalization service from the Spanish Embassy. The beginners who are unfamiliar with the legalization service can read it, let’s see what each step needs to do.

3.1 Prepare Thai version of documents issued by government offices (must issue from the district office)

It is required to prepare a Thai version of the document with the Garuda emblem, the letter or document must be issued by a Thai government agency and the document must be the original document. If it is a copy, it must be a certified true copy by the government agency that issued the document only.

3.2 Documents must be legalized by the consular affairs Ministry of Foreign Affairs

A Thai version of the document must be legalized by the consular affairs Ministry of Foreign Affairs before bringing it into Spanish to certify the authenticity of the document and certify that the document has not been forged or altered, the original document (Thai) together with the ID card must be submitted to the Legalization Division (Bangkok) or, if you are in another province, you can submit it to the relevant authorities within the region.
Bangkok Metropolitan Area
• Legalization Division (02 – 575 – 1058)
• Legalization Division MBK
• Chiangmai Passport Office (053 – 112 – 748)
• Ubon Ratchathani Passport Office (045 – 344 – 581 to 82)
• Songkhla Passport Office (074 – 326 – 510)

3.3 Translated into Spanish by experts translators

This process involves sending both the original (Thai) document legalized by the Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a copy to the Translation Center for translation into Spanish by a translation team that is legally registered with the embassy. Time to complete the translation process from Thai to Spanish and certified translation by the translator, the duration depends on the number of pages of the document and the difficulty of the document, which can be inquired and agreed upon with the translation center as appropriate.

3.4 The final step is to bring the translation document to the Spanish embassy.

The final step is to submit the original document (Thai) legalized by the Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs with Spanish translation with certified translation from translator submitting to the Embassy of Spain in Thailand to certify the authenticity of the document and guarantee that the original document is correct and has not been altered in order for the document to be legally valid and internationally accepted.

As for the process of getting Spanish translation services, it seems like a lot of steps and super hectic, but these will no longer be difficult. All you have to do is have the original document ready and hand it over to the translation center for translation into Spanish. That’s it, you can relax at your home and wait to receive your legalized documents.

4. Choosing a standardized and reliable Spanish translation center

So far, many people are preparing to search for translation centers that offer translators registered with the embassy and offer additional services to help you apply for legalization services. If you don’t know where to find a translation center or find one but don’t have the support service to apply for legalization, let First Choice Translation Center be your answer. A translation center that offers translation services in more than 30 languages around the world, equipped with a team of legally registered translators and additional services to make your legalization application as easy as using our translation service, Translation Center accepted by Embassy, First Choice Translation Center.


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