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Arabic Translation- Legalization and Certified Correct Translation UAE Embassy of Bangkok

Do you have all the necessary travel documents if you plan to visit the United Arab Emirates (Dubai)? Is the Arabic translation accurate? Is there full certification on those documents? First Choice Translation, our in-house translation service, is here to help you along the way.

The process of getting your paperwork in order to submit it abroad appears to be a simple one, requiring simply a request to the relevant government offices. It does not appear to be that simple, by the way. If you need to use a document issued by Thai authorities outside of the Kingdom of Thailand, but you haven’t had it translated into the language of that country and legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand or its Embassy, you should do so before you leave.

Carrying out all of the steps involved in a translation, legalization, and embassy authentication on your own can be difficult. When you use our services or those of First Choice Translation Center, 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Legalization 2023 all of these problems will disappear. After you’ve sent your genuine document to us, all that’s left to do is wait for it to be delivered to your home.

1. Why should translate Arabic language with us


If you need help translating documents from Arabic to English, choosing us as the translator is a smart move that will save you time and effort.

One step in the process of document preparation is to use the services of an Arabic translation center. The purpose of this submission is to have the document legalized so that it can be used lawfully in other countries outside of Thailand. In addition to serving as proof of identity and legal standing in a variety of different contexts, the documents in question will also be utilized in the course of various business and commercial dealings. Since the documents produced by Thai authorities have not yet been validated for accuracy and to clearly demonstrate that the document is not a forgery, they will not be as valid for international use as they would be if they had not been translated and certified.

2. Which kind of document can be translated into Arabic and legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Thailand


All documents must be translated, legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand, and certified by the embassy of the relevant country to ensure their authenticity and legitimacy. The documents will be recognized globally and legitimate in accordance with applicable international laws once they have been legalized by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs and authenticated by the embassy.

What types of documents need Arabic translations that are certified by a translation service? First Choice Translation has gathered all necessary documentation, which you can find below:

2.1 Official Document using for visa submission

  • Letter of consent / Letter of consent for child traveling abroad
  • Letter of Child Legitimacy
  • Educational Certificates – Transcript
  • Work Permit
  • Medical Certificate
  • SorDor. 8 (Certificate of Reserve Corps)
  • SorDor. 43 (Certificate of Conscription)
  • SorDor. 35 (Sommon for Reserve Corps)
  • Licenses such as Thai massage certificate, Medical License, Provision Teaching License, Architecture Professional License
  • Letter of Criminal Record
  • All kind of Receipts such as water bill, electric bill

2.2 General Civil Registration Documents

  • Birth Certificate
  • Certified of Birth Certification
  • Death Certificate
  • House Registration and Yellow Book
  • All kinds of Civil Registration Documents
  • Thai ID Card
  • Alien Card
  • Driving License
  • Registration of Title name and middle name

2.3 Marriage and Divorce Registration

  • Certificate of Single Status and Marital Status Certification
  • Marriage Registration
  • Family Status Registration
  • Divorce Registration
  • Divorce Certificate
  • Thai Police Clearance Certificate

2.4 Legal Document

  • Plaint
  • Court Decision
  • Article of Association
  • Agreement
  • Power of Attorney
  • Government Regulations
  • Relevant document for lawsuit filling
  • All kinds of Agreements

2.5 Trade and Investment Document

  • Commercial Registration PhorKhor. 0403
  • Commercial Registration PhorKhor. 0401
  • Company’s Certificate
  • Shareholder’s list (BorOrJor.5)
  • Certificate of Tax Value Added
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Personal Tax Income (PhorNgorDor. 90/91)
  • Juristic Tax Income (PhorNgorDor. 51)
  • Investment Promotion License
  • Licenses such as Tour guide License, Construction License
  • Foreign Business Operation such as Alcohol License and Business Operation License

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3. Step to translate Arabic and legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Thailand

Documents need to be translated into Arabic before they can be submitted for legalization with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and certification by the UAE embassy in Thailand. Following the simple steps that our translation service, First Choice Translation, lays out for you and our helpful hints, you can rest assured that your document will be accepted.

3.1 Translating documents from Thai to Arabic and certified the translation by the accredited translator

All papers taken from the official versions issued by Thai authorities, district offices, and courts must be certified true copies issued by the respective authorities. The document will then be sent to a certified Thai to Arabic translator or translation service for processing. After an accredited translator certifies the accuracy of the translated documents, the process can move forward.

3.2 Bringing the translated documents with its original issued by District office to be legalized with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Thailand

You can handle this procedure on your own. The Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs will accept your translated and authenticated document. Whether you are located overseas or in a different province, if it is inconvenient for you to submit your paperwork to the Department of Consular Affairs in person, our service can help.

3.3 Bringing the documents to be stamped at the UAE Embassy

To get your translated and legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs document stamped by the UAE Embassy in Thailand, you must make the appropriate arrangements in advance. If you simply have the translated version, without the legalization as well, then you cannot present the document to the embassy.

The Thai original, the Arabic translation with a certified correct translation, and a legalization stamp from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs must all be prepared in accordance with the UAE Embassy’s submission guidelines before they can be submitted.

4. How to select a reliable translation service center for your document safety and acquire high standards translation.


There is no doubt that the document requiring translation contains your personal information as well as a number of pieces of vital information. Choosing a translation service center that can guarantee the security of your data is a top priority. You face the danger of having your personal information stolen if you choose to use a translator or translation service that is not officially recognized. That’s why it’s important to work with a trustworthy translation service that can guarantee the integrity of your documents.

5. Step to submit your document for acquiring translation service


To acquire a translation from our translation service center, you need only gather the original document issued by Thai Authorities, District Office, or Court, or a certified true copy of the extract issued by the same authorities. The next step is to have it sent off to our translation services office so that they may begin the process of translating it from Thai to Arabic and certify that an accredited translator has done so.

If you need to submit documents to the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs or an embassy, you can use the streamlined process that our center offers to get these services from Firstchoice Translation. After sending us your document and letting us know your submission intentions, all you have to do is wait for it to be fully legalized, at which point you can use it with confidence.

6. Method to select Arabic Translation service with reliable and standard Translation Service Center

It is crucial to choose a certified and trustworthy translation center that offers Arabic translation services. Information included within documents must be kept private and documents themselves must be genuine. Choosing a translation center with a translation team comprised of certified and legally accredited translators is also crucial. This is because only a certified translator may attest to the accuracy of a translated document. In order to submit a document to the embassy for legalization or certification, it must be translated by a certified or accredited translator.

Until now, many people have undoubtedly been looking for a language translation center that is standardized, dependable, and has registered translators. If you need the services of a document translation center but have no idea where to seek, First Choice Translation is the best option for you. A translation center that provides translation services in more than 30 languages around the world with legally accredited translators and services that will make your document submission easier, simply contact us for translation services. Whether you need a document translated into Arabic, legalized by the United Arab Emirates Embassy, or accredited by an international organization, First Choice Translation is here to help.


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