10 Frequently Asked Questions About Legalization 2023

10 Frequently Asked Questions About Legalization 2023

Legalization for use abroad usually has one word that must be met on a regular basis: legalization. Whoever is unfamiliar with paperwork might wonder what the term Legalization refers to. What is the purpose of legalization? This article has gathered all frequently asked questions about legalization and explained the concerns to everyone for your information.

1. What is consular document Legalization?

Legalization is the authentication of documents for use in dealing with government agencies, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in order for such documents to be used legally and lawfully in foreign countries. Such documents can be used for a variety of purposes, including travel, study abroad, and marriage registration with a foreigner.

If we travel to a foreign country without first obtaining a legalization stamp from the Consular Department, the document will be illegal. Legalization is the process by which documents become legally valid. As a result, legalization helps to keep our documents valid, which is why they must always be certify before use.

2. Where can I legalize the document?

You can perform the legalization by submitting the documents yourself. Simply make an online reservation through www. consular.go.th, and once you receive a confirmation via your provided email, you can submit the document to the Department of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Before Legalization services, such a document must first be translated and certified as correct by an accredited translator.

For those who wish to have their documents legalized but are unsure how to proceed, please contact us, the translation center, First Choice Translation, as we provide and serve the service of submitting the document on your behalf with our excellent service. We offer a document submission service, translation services, and certified correct translations to make the filing process easier and faster.

3. Can I get an express Service?

The Department of Consular Affairs has recently changed their system. It is recommended that you make an online reservation before receiving the service and submitting your document for your convenience, as it is necessary that you have an online queue, and you can make an online reservation through www.consular.go.th. Furthermore, it is not possible to walk-in to receive the service, or in case of urgent use, you must have the proof for consideration and provide the reason of intent to get an express service, which is subject to the officer’s discretion. As a result, if the situation is critical, you may have to contact the Department of Consular Affairs on your own and will not be able to request that the agency submit the document on your behalf.

4. Legalization fee

The Processing fee are as follows:

  • Legalization fee with normal service will be 400 Baht per stamp.
  •         Legalization fee with express service will be 800 Baht per stamp.

5. What is the required document for legalization?

Legalization is required for documents that must be used at government agencies as well as foreign authorities in order for them to be used correctly in other countries. The following are the documents that must be legalized:

  • Civil Registration Documents : Birth Certificate, House Registration, Identification Card, Passport, Driving License, Certificate of First name- Surname Change, Marriage Registration, Family Registration, Letter of Marital Status Certification and Divorce Certificate and so on.
  • Business Document: Commercial Registration, Certificate of Company, Work Permit, Financial and Accounting Document
  • Legal Document: Judgment, Indictment, and Court Judgement

6. Does the legalization document need to be translated?

If you need to bring Thai documents to use in another country, they must first be translated from Thai to English and must be certified as correct by an accredited translator or translation center before they can be legalized. If the document in English is to be used in Thailand, it must first be translated from Thai and certified as such.

7. Procedure for preparing documents before applying for legalization?

The three main processes involved in document preparation prior to legalization are as follows:

  • Prepare the documents for legalization: It is necessary to check your document before legalization to ensure that it corresponds to your purpose of use, such as furthering a study, working, or registering a marriage, as the required document will vary depending on the case.
  • Translate the document into English and certify the correct translation: Before submitting the documents for legalization, the document must be translated into English and certified by an accredited translator or translation center.
  • Submitting the document for legalization: Once your document has been translated and certified as correct, you can make an online reservation to submit it to the Department of Consular Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign for legalization.

8. If you are not convenient to come by yourself, can I authorize someone to act on my behalf? 

Yes, It is possible to authorize someone to submit the document on your behalf by producing a letter of attorney. The process may take 7-10 days after the document is submitted.

9. Do the legalized documents have an expiration date?

It is determined by the type of document and the agencies where the documents will be used. Certain documents do not expire, so please check the document expiration date before submitting the documents for legalization; if the documents have already expired, you will waste your time and will be required to reissue your document and bring it up to date.

10. Does legalization service available in Thailand?

Nowadays, there are several hubs for obtaining a legalization service in Thailand. If you wish to submit your documents for legalization, our translation center, First Choice translation, provides you with a full one-stop service as we have translation service for over 30 languages by expert translators including certified correct translation legally as well as help you to skip the process by submitting the documents on your behalf. 

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