Where can I get a single status certificate for a US citizen in order to marry in Thailand

Where can I get a single status certificate for a US citizen in order to marry in Thailand?

When we fall in love with someone, we hope to marry them and spend the rest of our lives with them. Marriage signifies the couple’s intention to live together legally. Those who have a U.S. partner may encounter processing difficulties due to the need for additional documentation, including an affidavit, which is an essential document. This article will help you understand what an affidavit is, why it is important, and where you can obtain a trustworthy translation of your document, as well as where you can register your marriage in Thailand.

What is an affidavit?

A letter certifying single status is a Marital Status Certificate, Single Certificate, or an affidavit. This document is essential if you wish to marry a foreigner, as it is a legal document that can affirm your status and confirm that the person is truly single and has never registered a marriage at any registration offices. Currently, single status means those who have never registered a marriage or who have registered a marriage but have since divorced or lost their spouse.

What it is used for ?

The marital status certificate can be used for registering a marriage with a foreigner, registering a marriage abroad, applying for a marriage visa (dependent), and applying for other types of visas such as travel, work, and study visas. Moreover, a certificate of marital status can be used for any legal transaction.

Those who wish to register their marriage with a foreigner in Thailand are required to prepare a single certificate and translate it prior to use. The single status certificate is a document that confirms your unmarried status and boosts your confidence that the person you plan to marry is not in a relationship with anyone else. This enables the marriage to be legal and eliminates any bi-marriage concerns.

How long that a single certificate last ?

A single certificate of U.S. citizenship is valid for three months or ninety days from the date of submission to the Department of Consular Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the U.S. Embassy in Thailand for legalization and authentication. If the certificate is older than three months, it cannot be used as a supporting document for registering a marriage in Thailand.

How to apply for a single certificate at the U.S. Embassy in Thailand?

The following steps are required for U.S. citizens who wish to obtain a single certificate:

1. Contact the U.S. Embassy for a single certificate.

1.1 Make an online appointment to schedule the issuance of a single certificate. The applicant may make an online appointment to communicate directly with the U.S. Embassy in Thailand.
1.2 To receive the single certificate on the date and time of the appointment with the U.S. Embassy in Thailand, a copy of the passport and notarized documents must be submitted to the embassy.

2. Contact the translation center to translate the single status certificate into Thai

2.1 Once the single status certificate has been received, it should be translated from English to Thai at a translation center and its accuracy should be certified by the translation center.
2.2 Following the translation of the Affidavit, copy of the passport, and certified translation, the translated documents must be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for legalization.

Procedure for submitting an affidavit and legalization.

Step 1: Prepare a single certificate and a copy of your passport that has been authenticated by the U.S. Embassy.
After receiving a single certificate that has been certified by the embassy, it is recommended that you contact the translation center by sending the original document to it. The translation center will discuss the specifics, provide a cost estimate, and schedule a time for submission.

Step 2: Submit the translation and certify the translation center.
After receiving the single certificate, the documents must be accompanied by an English-to-Thai translation through a translation center, as well as a certified correct translation from the translation center.

Step 3 : Legalize the documents of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Following the translation of the affidavit, a copy of the passport and a certified translation are required. The translated documents must then be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for legalization.

Step 4 : Bring the document to submit for marriage registration for your convenient at the nearest district office.
To register a marriage in Thailand, the single status certificate must be presented at the desired district office. It is possible to present the officer with a translated and already legalized document in order to register a marriage. Before registering a marriage, the interpreter must translate the details for marriage registration to ensure that both parties have the same understanding. Both parties will receive a certificate of marriage (Khor.Ror.3) and a marriage registration (Khor.Ror.2) when the marriage is registered.

Where can we get the Marriage Affidavit?

To request a Marriage Affidavit, contact the United States Embassy in Thailand. After obtaining the marriage certificate and having it authenticated by the embassy. In addition, the document must be translated into Thai and certified as a correct translation before it can be used as evidence to register a marriage in Thailand.

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